Thursday, February 12, 2009

FYI Flu Warning

Isaac apparently has the flu. He tested positive yesterday afternoon. While this isn't something great to post about I wanted to warn anyone out there of his symptoms. We all got the flu shot so I believe these are the symptoms of a child who had the flu shot:

1. Fever. Around 101. Which did make him lethargic
2. A slight cough

And that's it!! I had a well child check-up already scheduled for yesterday otherwise I may have not even taken him to the doctor. I'm thankful they caught this. I would've hated to see him suffer any longer than needed. We started on Tami-flu last night and we are praying for a quick recovery and for my girls not become infected too. I think he is already feeling better than yesterday. Isaac is playing Wii Mario-Kart as I'm typing. : )

Friday, February 6, 2009

Flashback Friday

This is a picture of Bethany and baby Isaac Valentine's Day 2005 . Bethany would have turned 4 only a month before. Isaac was a precious newborn. I remember this day, we made a HUGE mess in the living room. Looking back now, I should have taken a picture of that too. This was a double-duty art picture if I remember right. My brother Josh was in the AirForce and was serving overseas at the time. *Notice the American flag she's waving* So we made him these BIG Valentines.... took a picture of them and sent it to him through the web clear across the ocean to him....... And then we sent it to dad too. Fun times.

Spiderman and Sonic

My little guy Isaac is so funny. I don't think he's trying to be but he's always cracking me up. This afternoon we left the house to pick up Bethany from school. As I was visiting with Bethany how her day was, what did you learn today, any fun?, all the normal stuff I mentioned that shortly after we get home the spider man will be there to spray for spiders. Isaac from the back seat perks up and says, "last time he forgot his suit, will he wear his suit this time" I guess he doesn't realise that this isn't THE Spiderman. THE flying through the air on his webs Spiderman. Unfortunately, it is only the creepy guy that comes to kill our creepy crawly spiders/scorpions that like to venture up from our canyon to visit time to time.

Same short car ride about 1 minute later. Isaac sweetly from the back seat says, "Momma you're a good driver at Sonic." This is such a sweet tender little remark. Let me explain..... Yesterday on our way to Little Flips we actually had a few extra minutes so I decided to stop at Sonic before class. Well.... I'm driving Josh's truck mine is finally in the shop. When I went to leave I knew I was parked a little close on the passenger side but I wasn't too worried, yet. I think I tried to back up 3-4 times, before I was really stressed that I was going to hit the silly Sonic menu. I decided to call Josh and wouldn't you know it he expained how to correctly back out of my tight little spot. One try was all it took then. Sweet Relief. I don't know why this was hard for me. I've been driving 10 years. I go to Sonic frequently. It must of been one of those days plus driving his truck even though I normally drive my huge expedition. All this to say I didn't include Isaac in my driving manuevering, but he evidently was paying close attention and decided to sweetly compliment his momma 24 hours and out of the blue later. What a sweet boy!! Can anyone sing "Oh, be careful litte ears what you hear" This song is so true. Our children are always alert and listening even when we don't include them or think they aren't listening.

One more side note for Melinda if you read this: Also on this entertaining 3 minute car ride Isaac wanted to know " Wheres Jaks house" So we cruised by your casa very slowly. So if you noticed, It was us and now if Isaac disappears after church someday I'll know where to look first!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009


I'm feeling just a little guilt ridden that its been so long since I blogged. I don't have a very good excuse why I haven't. I'll just say its easier for me to sit down and read updates than it is to write and post. Hopefully I can improve so I keep everyone updated.
I'm not sure where to begin updating. So, I'll just give the cliff note version of some of the events in our lives this last busy month.
Christmas at our house was of course wonderful. Wonderfully messy, wonderfully busy, wonderful traveling, wonderful gifts, and wonderful time with all of our family!!

We attended 7 family Christmas parties, 2 bank gatherings, and 1 trip to see my Grandma at her nursing home. Its always so much fun seeing everyone. It always makes me wonder why we don't see each more often. My kids love playing with their cousins. Actually they are my cousins or our cousins' children. All except for Miss Addy. ( Deidra's little girl) They don't seem to know any difference at all though.
We saw almost everyone this year. We missed Josh and Kessa! They shared their second married Christmas in Minnesota this year. Kessa we hear is making a great nurse at the Mayo Hospital! We also missed a few Reasnor cousins and their new babies. I'm thankful for the Internet so I can still see these families grow even when separated by 100s and 100s of miles.

Here are a few pictures of Christmas and Family and a few new toys!!
Myra on her Plasma car. (All 3 kids got one)

Isaac and his new RED boots

Isaac with his new RED DS. Thank you Grandma Roberta and Grandpa David

This is actually a stunned/disbelief look from Isaac. I think he was almost in tears!!

Bethany with Felicity (her new American Girl doll)

Myra with the Family Sled. Pray for Snow!!

January brings Birthdays and our 9th Anniversary!

Miss Bethany is 8!! January 10
Time flies. I can't believe our first child was born 8 years ago! Bethany is growing into a beautiful young lady right before our eyes. She is a Darling Daughter to Josh and me and a Sensational Sister to Isaac and Myra. Bethany loves to read, play catch with her daddy and call her Grandma Roberta almost every morning for a ride to school. She is a very bright student and excels in all her work. I love that she loves learning. Bethany also made a very wise decision this year. She accepted Jesus as her personal Savior!! We were all very proud of her! Due to a sudden hospital visit our pastor was unable to be in services the scheduled Sunday of her baptism. Thankfully we had an experienced backup in mind. My dad was very honored to fill in. What a day!! Happy Birthday 8th Bethany!!
We celebrated by inviting family to eat with us at Shiki. It was a fun Hibachi style Japanese dinner.

(This is Bethany at 2. I don't have pictures scanned that far back yet)

Bethany's Party with Keely and Me

Josh and I celebrated our 9th Wedding anniversary January 8!
Did I mention we had just celebrated all those Christmas'? We did not have an evening out together this year. We did however grab some El Charros as a family. El Charros is a weekly staple at our house. My sneaky husband brought me home an unexpected gift. An ipod nano. A few days later we upgraded it to a touch ipod. Technology is amazing and I am enjoying my ipod. Thank you again, Josh. I love you.

We passed around 3 colds, 2 ear infections and one stomach bug before Isaac's birthday.
Happy 4th Birthday Isaac. January 24th

( Newborn Isaac with Mom and Dad)

4 year old Isaac
My little boy is so funny! He loves to laugh, trying to tell knock knock jokes, going to "his school", dinosaurs, and playing his Wii. (Which is what he's doing right now. I hear tennis coming from the living room.) I'm sure most everyone knows, "all children are different" But somehow it sinks in better when you have your second child.!!
We celebrated with a dinosaur cake, that sorta looked like a dragon. Red because Isaac requested it that way. Family all joined us at the house to share his cake and ice cream.

Today, we are warming up from a ice storm. Bethany missed 2 days of school. You would have thought it was Christmas morning the way she carried on when Hinton School Closed finally came across the tv screen. She was pretty funny!! Cabin Fever? No, not really. There's lots of days when we stay home and don't do much around town. You can't hardly tell by the pictures (because you can't see their faces) but we had fun outside Tuesday in our new Christmas sled. They had been praying for snow so really they were stoked to see anything white outside.

Isaac was very cold and didn't like his hat

Myra enjoying her new sled

Friday, December 12, 2008

Flashback Friday

Here is our little fam of 3 back in 2001. Bethany just missed Christmas in 2000. She was born Jan 10th. (10 days late) So this was her first Christmas.

Things I remember about this Christmas:

Bethany singing many many Christmas songs.

Bethany reciting the beginning of Twas the night Before Christmas.

This little purple dress I bought from Sheila Parker's store.

Our humble first little home.

The big ice storm shortly after Christmas.

Friday, December 5, 2008

"Myra and Isaac" ?

While looking through old pictures for Flashback Friday, I ran across this one and couldn't resist posting it... This seems absolutely crazy to me!

This picture was taken in 1992. Not 2008!!

This is my little brother Andrew and sister Sarah. I'm sure they will both love seeing this because they look so darn cute. Especially Sarah in her little training pants.

They remind me so much of my two littlest ones, Isaac and Myra. Just like Andrew and
Sarah they are 2 1/2 years apart.

Myra does have red hair for now. It's quite a bit lighter than the others though. We always gave/give Sarah a hard time about being the odd ball "Blondie" I guess her and Myra will have to stick together now.

Isaac looks so much like Andrew. I showed Isaac this picture and he thought it was himself!

Flashback Friday

Here I was thinking I didn't have any old Christmas pictures. Then I remembered I have an entire box full from my Grandma's house. These were Grandma's pictures that now belong to my mom. They have just taken a slight detour to my house so I can eventually scan them so I can share in all these "older" memories.

This is me and my brother Josh in 1983 posing in the den of Ma and Pa's house.

I would've been 2 1/2 and he's 4 1/2. Josh got his dark hair from my mom. I got my red hair from my dad and his mom. Aren't we sweet?