Friday, November 21, 2008

First Flashback Friday

I'm going to jump on the Flashback Friday bandwagon!

I always enjoy my friend Melinda's flashbacks, so when she requested more bloggin buddies to join in on Flashback Friday I started digging for an old picture.

Josh and I were engaged in the fall of 1999. Yes, I was very young I realize now. I was 18. Josh was 22. I was so excited to be engaged to Josh. I was so ready to begin our life together. We were engaged for a short 3 months and were married in January.

This was the just the begining of our blessed life together.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween 08

This year we had an ARRR Pirate Theme. 2 Pirates and a Parrot.

I made costumes this year. I always have a lot of fun putting these together. Although I do admit it drives me crazy when the kids take it all off so quickly!!!
We do go trick or treating. This is something I never did as a kid. But honestly, my kids have always loved handing out the candy at Grandma and Grandpa's house the most. We maybe went to 10 houses and then headed to Grandma 'Bertas.

I'm happy to report that everyone is well at my house, for the moment. Unfortunately 2 weeks ago a very yucky stomach bug started wtih me on a Wednesday night.

I always wonder whose fault these bugs are. Who gave this to me!! I'm sure we'll never know.
I guess I do know that I was the one who infected nearly everyone else in my family. Sorry guys.

We thought we were being careful. I hibernated in my room for 3 days and 3 nights.

1 week after I had this yucky bug Isaac caught it on a Wednesday night on our church's floor. YUK.

By Saturday, we figure everyone is eating and well so we head to my parents house to help clean and pack. We are getting them ready to come to HINTON!!

Saturday evening I feel drained. I'm thinking its cause I've been so busy all day. Maybe the chemicals I've cleaned with..... NOPE. I got this charming bug again!!!! At mom and dad's and all the way home.

In the middle of the night Bethany gets it. She cries and cries because she wants to go to church. I understand she loves church and explain patiently 5-6 times to her she's sick and she can't. Ahhh DRAMA. My sweet little girl nearly earned herself a spankin' from me while we were both sick in bed....

Monday. The phone starts ringing. First Josh, his tummy hurts. Mom calls. Andrew and Dad have it too. ( She'd had it already) Monday evening. Sarah calls. "I'm mad at you, Liz" She's now officailly broken Stillwater in.

Once again, I'm sorry to everyone. I do think I've already had my punishment. Remember, I had this twice...

For anyone counting, this is everyone in my family except Myra, my baby. ( And my brother in Minnesota) I'm very very pleased that Myra has been left out of this experience. She must be one strong cookie. I do know she was covered in many prayers. Thank you.