Friday, October 24, 2008


The Countdown finally ended today! We have been looking forward today for weeks now!
Bethany and I decided awhile back to grab up a few 2nd grade friends and see High School Musical 3 AS SOON AS IT CAME OUT.!!
I was a little worried it may be sold out so I paid an extra dollar to purchase the tickets online.
I guess I should have realized this is rural Oklahoma.... The theatre was not sold out.... and really not even close. Oh well, better safe than sorry.
Bethany was so excited to have friends with her. Last year we had 2 girls over to watch HSM 2 on TV the night it premiered. They danced and laughed and completely cracked me up.
The same 2 veteran HSM girls plus 1 more new recruit came with us tonight.
The movie was very very good. I almost cried once! Seriously, and I'm not a crier at the movies.
I won't spoil the movie, but let me explain myself. Josh came to my Senior high school prom with me 10 years ago. WoW. Time has really flown by.
It's so fun to make memories with Bethany. She is a joy. It makes my heart swell to hear her laugh and giggle with her friends.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Candy Land to the Rescue

This morning started out a little rough. There was quite a bit of grumbling, whining, and picking on little sister. I will admit I was a little tired and grumpy myself, but I was determined to start off this week on a good foot. After reading several books with Isaac I determined we needed something "different" to do. We settled on a classic. Candy Land. I worried just for a minute that Candy Land is too girly, but decided it's more educational than girly.... This is a game I've played a kajillion times with Bethany.....but, to be honest I don't think Isaac has EVER played it.

He decided to be the red gingerbread man. "Reds my favrit culur" is a proclamation I hear often.

He played remarkably well!!! He took turns and followed my directions to the T. Needless to say, he skunked me 3-0!!

Thank the Lord for Candy Land and the distraction it provided today. It completely steered our day in the opposite direction than it started out.