Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Myra Elizabeth


Myra & Friends

This weekend we went to my parents on Saturday afternoon. It was a first and last for my mom. Her baby daughter, Sarah, came home for the first time after being the last to leave for college.... We had a nice relaxing time playing with Nana and Grandad and Aunt Sarah. We took the kids for a walk and park time at Cyril. They have a great walking trail, water feature, and a fun and challenging park. It's the kind of park the kids love, but it tends to stress out mom. It has a rock wall, a glider, and climbers that are high over my head. Isaac and Bethany both love the rock wall and riding their bikes. They rode along side us while we took a leisurely walk.

Sunday, we went to a little friend's 5th birthday party. It was at Tiger Safari in Tuttle. I had never been there and didn't know what to expect. As it turned out it's a really fun and unique experience. There was all sorts of wild animals to look at, feed and touch.....

My little tiny 15 month old baby had no fear. She touched all these animals: snake, ferret, lemur tortoise, baby kangaroo, llama, goat and an alligator!!! UGH
Yes, we used lots of hand sanitizer. They were very kind to provide sanitizer at almost all the stations.

These are sweet sweet friends of ours. Our kids rarely see each other. (Us moms talk on the phone frequently) But you wouldn't know it by seeing them pair off together. SO ADORABLE!

We each have 3. The oldest and youngest pair are only a few months different in age. The middle are separated by just over a year. Each pair of kiddos are boy/girl. My friend and I can just hear those wedding bells.... JK

We do love how our kids enjoy each others company so much.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bethany ReCap

While I'm getting the hang of this, and I've got school on my mind, how about a refresh of Bethany's first days of school.

Wow! How she has changed! She's grown physically, mentally, emotionally and most importantly spiritually. Of course I'm mightily proud of her as well.

Bethany Pre-K 2005

Kindergarten 2006

1st grade 2007

2nd grade 2008

Isaac the Leader

Who could not be proud when their child is called a leader?

Isaac began "pre-school" this week. After much consideration we decided that Isaac (we) may need some transition time into next year's 5 days a week/all day long pre-school. Thankfully, one of our local churches just began a Mom's-Day-Out. So... it's only 2 days a week and only 4 hours, but it's something. And I'm thinking something has to be better than nothing when it comes to this transition time.

Isaac is one cool cat. I just sprang the idea on him.

"Isaac you want to go to school?"

"Yea Mom, today?"

"No not till Tuesday."

"Okay tomorrow is Tuesday. Okay."

He had no worries, not even questions surprisingly.

Tuesday morning. We arrive with our backpack and new Lightning McQueen lunch box. He's still cool with everything.... He spys a friend from our church and takes off into a classroom.

I'm still standing outside talking to his teacher and a few other moms and I see him poke his head out. I'm thinking, "Oh no, here come the tears" Nope. This is what I get. "Mom quit talking, you go" So I leave.

My first day without Isaac ends up being pretty busy so I don't worry about him at all. But when 12:30 comes around and its time to pick up. I'm thinking I hope he was good, I hope he was good. Hopefully no wrestling moves were pulled, or no popping of the underwear led to timeouts. To my great satisfaction and pride too. I was told "Isaac was a leader! He set a good example for the others. He's a Mom's-Day-Out PRO" Hallelujah. I'm so proud of my boy!

Here are a few pics of Isaac on his first day of MDO or "my school" as he lovingly calls it.