Friday, February 6, 2009

Spiderman and Sonic

My little guy Isaac is so funny. I don't think he's trying to be but he's always cracking me up. This afternoon we left the house to pick up Bethany from school. As I was visiting with Bethany how her day was, what did you learn today, any fun?, all the normal stuff I mentioned that shortly after we get home the spider man will be there to spray for spiders. Isaac from the back seat perks up and says, "last time he forgot his suit, will he wear his suit this time" I guess he doesn't realise that this isn't THE Spiderman. THE flying through the air on his webs Spiderman. Unfortunately, it is only the creepy guy that comes to kill our creepy crawly spiders/scorpions that like to venture up from our canyon to visit time to time.

Same short car ride about 1 minute later. Isaac sweetly from the back seat says, "Momma you're a good driver at Sonic." This is such a sweet tender little remark. Let me explain..... Yesterday on our way to Little Flips we actually had a few extra minutes so I decided to stop at Sonic before class. Well.... I'm driving Josh's truck mine is finally in the shop. When I went to leave I knew I was parked a little close on the passenger side but I wasn't too worried, yet. I think I tried to back up 3-4 times, before I was really stressed that I was going to hit the silly Sonic menu. I decided to call Josh and wouldn't you know it he expained how to correctly back out of my tight little spot. One try was all it took then. Sweet Relief. I don't know why this was hard for me. I've been driving 10 years. I go to Sonic frequently. It must of been one of those days plus driving his truck even though I normally drive my huge expedition. All this to say I didn't include Isaac in my driving manuevering, but he evidently was paying close attention and decided to sweetly compliment his momma 24 hours and out of the blue later. What a sweet boy!! Can anyone sing "Oh, be careful litte ears what you hear" This song is so true. Our children are always alert and listening even when we don't include them or think they aren't listening.

One more side note for Melinda if you read this: Also on this entertaining 3 minute car ride Isaac wanted to know " Wheres Jaks house" So we cruised by your casa very slowly. So if you noticed, It was us and now if Isaac disappears after church someday I'll know where to look first!!!


Melinda said...

That's hilarious! You tell Isaac to visit whenever he likes : )

everyday graces said...

What a sweet boy. Colin comments on my driving frequently!

jae lindsay + aaron said...

aww, haha, what a cute story! Love all the new pictures!