Thursday, February 12, 2009

FYI Flu Warning

Isaac apparently has the flu. He tested positive yesterday afternoon. While this isn't something great to post about I wanted to warn anyone out there of his symptoms. We all got the flu shot so I believe these are the symptoms of a child who had the flu shot:

1. Fever. Around 101. Which did make him lethargic
2. A slight cough

And that's it!! I had a well child check-up already scheduled for yesterday otherwise I may have not even taken him to the doctor. I'm thankful they caught this. I would've hated to see him suffer any longer than needed. We started on Tami-flu last night and we are praying for a quick recovery and for my girls not become infected too. I think he is already feeling better than yesterday. Isaac is playing Wii Mario-Kart as I'm typing. : )

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Shawna Byrd said...

We sure hope Isaac gets to feeling better! Its no fun when someone in your house has the flu, especially your baby! Get well soon Isaac!